Ruth Shaw


As we race to keep up with our fast paced, technology driven lives, the regular practice of YOGA provides us with a haven from speed and stress. By moving and stretching the body into specific positions (asanas), tension and toxins held in the muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints, are released and pain and inflammation is reduced. The slow rhymthic breathing (pranayama) promotes increased circulation throughout the body, bringing much needed oxygen into every fibre of our being. YOGA allows us to slow down so we can breathe fully, declutter and calm our minds, let go of anxiety and stress, and relax, restore and recharge our batteries.

As we begin to make YOGA a part of our everyday lives, we are able to slow the aging process by creating and maintaining more energy, flexibility, mobility and strength. In turn, we can approach our responsibilities in a more grounded, balanced, and harmonious way, with a little more loving energy for ourselves, and those around us.

What a deal!


Ruth really knows how to connect and make the concepts real, practical and useable in our day-to-day lives. In my own experience, it’s very difficult to find a yoga teach as good as her.

Mark S. Akron, Ohio
Ruth is an inspiring, gentle and informative teacher. She is open to questions and gives thorough explanations of where we're going, how to get there, what to do in the pose and the benefits associated with it. For the first time in a long time, I feel "looked after" in a yoga class.

Ruth is a treasure!.

Heather M. - Toronto

“Enlightened beings have their moments of humanness, just as human beings have their moments of enlightenment ”

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