Kitchen Yoga Book

Kitchen Yoga Book

My job as a busy realtor is hectic and does not have regular hours, so committing to a yoga class at a regular time is impossible for me.  A friend gave me the Kitchen Yoga book and I thank her every day. I do yoga every spare moment now, while a fax is going through, while waiting for documents to print. Yoga is for the whole person, and I like the person I am when I am doing yoga regularly.

Thank you Kitchen Yoga!

–Vivienne O. Toronto

I am a 53 year old full-time working mom living in an urban setting with a crazy busy life.  Kitchen Yoga is the perfect antidote to the stress of daily life.  I took yoga classes many years ago and have found it so difficult to adhere to a prescribed time for exercise as required to take a yoga or exercise class over the past few years.  My copy of Kitchen Yoga just lives on my kitchen counter and it gently reminds me to take a stretch, do a pose, while rice is cooking or sauce is simmering.  No guilt, no pressure, just a lovely little way to take care of myself.  I simply love it!

–Cynthia Jones
San Francisco, CA

I'm 16 years old and I love Kitchen Yoga!  I find it very relaxing and it even helps me to fall asleep at night by calming my mind.  The shoulder and back series are awesome at alleviating tension, and in combination with the hip and balance series, remove stress from my body and mind.

I have taken a beginners yoga class before, and have tried a few DVD's, but the practicality of the quick "recipes" in your book makes them outstanding and more effective.  Kitchen Yoga is a must for me every day.

–Chelsea Humphries, Markham, Ontario

I’m a busy boomer with my own fashion accessories business, so I'm constantly on the go, locally and internationally.  When I’m traveling, I love using the 'Kitchen YogaTravel Cards' from Ruth Shaw's 'Kitchen Yoga' book.  I keep them in my purse at all times and use them on long flights and in hotels, so I can keep balanced and in shape. What a great idea Ruth!

–Tuula Vishdehi
Kemi Trading, Toronto

I’m a 44 year old wife and mother of two boys. As a corporate travel sales representative with ctms Travel I’m required to travel regularly making it difficult to attend my weekly yoga class.  I recently purchased a copy of Kitchen Yoga at a networking event and love it. The pictures are wonderful and all the yoga steps are very thoroughly explained, even my boys are trying it out.  I particularly love the Kitchen Yoga Travel Cards and now take them on the road with me so I can keep my yoga practice going. So handy.

Thanks Ruth!!!!

–Cindy Z, Toronto

I’m a 65 year old newly retired woman who has been a student of Ruth’s for the past 4 years. In her book, Kitchen Yoga I’m able to tap into the same insights, humour and gentle wisdom that I experience in my studio classes with her. I use the book regularly especially when I’m not always able to get to a classes. Kitchen Yoga is a godsend.

Bravo Ruth!

Ruth Shaw

Ruth's Classes & Retreats

Hi Ruth,

Firstly, I would like to thank you very much for being an excellent instructor. My doctor has told me for years now , that yoga would be most helpful for my condition. I have been aware for a long time that people with fibromyalga suffer from a heightened sympathetic system which ultimately can lead to total burn out. I have been walking around like a zombie for almost 7 years now,looking for solutions everywhere.

I am so happy life led me to you as I feel much better after your class.

It is too bad you don't do classes every day!

–Rachel S, Toronto

I have practiced yoga with Ruth Shaw for 4 years since I was 61 and newly retired.  I have been able to learn so much about myself in the world through her gentle wisdom and her guidance through a graceful progression towards integration of mind and spirit.

Thank you Ruth.

–Sheila C. Toronto

Ruth, Just a note to let you know how wonderful the weekend Retreat was for me. It couldn't have been more perfect. I have really taken the peace I felt there into my life here at home. I think among other things I learned over the weekend that simpicity is best and that we don't need very much at all. It was nice to get away from the material world for a while: no shopping, no booze, etc. I am so pleased to have met you. I think you were the perfect person to lead us on this adventure. Thank you for all your insight and wise words.

–Laura, Oakville, Ontario


I am so pleased that you all had such a great time at our first-ever wellness/yoga retreat.  I thought you guys did a fantastic job of being open-minded and embracing the idea of yoga. Even though I have only been to a few of Ruth's classes before our retreat (and loved them), nevertheless, I was blown away by what a great job she did.

She really knows how to connect and make the concepts real, practical, and useable in our day-to-day lives.  And because she is so 'real' as a person, she makes it easy to relate to her and the yoga she teaches.  In my own experience, it is VERY difficult to find a yoga teacher as good as her; few understand the spiritual aspects of yoga as well, and even fewer can make them practical in today's world.  You can see through her that you don't have to be some esoteric guru to teach, use, or even appreciate yoga.

–Mark Smucker, Smuckers of Canada

"I have been practising yoga for over a year. Prior to doing yoga my yearly Bone Density test results showed border-line Osteoporosis or Osteopenia I joined Yoga mainly for building core strength and flexibility, but was quite amazed when my Bone Density test results of the spine this year showed an improvement in the density over the previous years. I could only attribute the improvement to the strengthening exercises of Yoga. Thank you Ruth for all your encouragement to keep going. It has convinced me that yoga works "

–Leonie Blake, Toronto

I can't aptly describe how wonderful I think Ruth is  (but I'm going to try)...

I looked all over the city and it wasn't until I took class with Ruth that I felt properly 'looked after' in a class.  She gives thorough explanation about why we are about to do something, how to move into the posture, what to consider in the pose and  how and when to move out of it, with all the necessary awareness and care to maintain and improve health.  She infuses her classes with humour, spirit, and the knowledge to build a solid foundation on.   She is very attentive and open to her students queries. I can’t recommend her enough!

–Heather M. Toronto

Your classes are a mini retreat and a totally uplifting experience.  You are a lovely spirit and a terrific teacher, and I am so grateful for you, and the practice of yoga, which you express so effortlessly!  Thank you Ruth. Katie S, Ohio. US

Thanks Ruth for a truly powerful weekend retreat. "When I walked into the office onMonday morning, my coworker immediately said "Oh my god! What were you doing this weekend? You look like you'd just had 100 orgasms."

–A.Aster, Toronto

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