Ruth Shaw

KITCHEN YOGA is now available in E-BOOK format so you can
access it directly from your computer, or any hand-held device,
smart phone, iphone or e-reader :

I'm pleased to announce that KITCHEN YOGA your personal "OFF THE MAT" yoga regime is now even more portable!

Thanks to the fantastic advances in modern technology - Kitchen Yoga your unique and simple daily time saving regime can save you even more time, money and energy, because your favourite stretch is only a click away. Not only can you now download the ENTIRE BOOK as a pdf file and keep your copy close at hand, but you can access any of the 24 warm ups and poses on your laptop, or any hand-held device such as a smart phone, iphone or e-reader!

You also have the choice of downloading one or more of the 4 individual series/chapters that target SHOULDERS, BACK, HIPS, and BALANCE.

So whenever you feel any pain, stiffness or compression just scroll through the shoulder, back, hips or balance series and click on the pose that best targets your "hot spot". Simple!

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