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It’s my pleasure to introduce you to a brand new, simple, time saving recipe for increasing and maintaining flexibility, mobility and strength. KITCHEN YOGA – an “off-the-mat” yoga regime for people who have no time (which, these days, is most of us!)

As a busy person with a full schedule, I’m a big fan of practicing yoga “off-the- mat”, meaning fitting in a quick stretch or pose whenever I can, particularly in the mornings in my kitchen.

I wanted to inspire my students to keep momentum between classes (particularly beginners and those too busy to attend classes regularly) so I decided to expand my personal “off the mat” yoga regime by creating a book that could reach and inspire more people, including those who thought yoga was for models and movie stars! Voila - KITCHEN YOGA was born.

The concept is simple, the results profound! In the 2-5 minutes it takes to brew the coffee, toast the bread or simmer the soup, just flip open your KITCHEN YOGA book and practice a pose. It's that simple!

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with Kitchen Yoga you can –

Save precious time: In the 2-5 minutes it takes to brew your coffee, steep the tea, or simmer the soup, fit in a pose or two.

Target your hot spots: The colour-coded chapters help you choose specific poses for relieving tension or pain in shoulders, back or hips.

Practice on the go: Use the 24 Kitchen Yoga Travel Cards™ profiling the Kitchen Yoga™ poses everywhere you go!

Increase Flexibility, Mobility and Strength by taking advantage of spare moments in the one place we spend time in daily – the kitchen!

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